Available October 2019

Get the benefits of a FDA cleared Class II medical device that is designed to effectively deliver medicine directly to your lungs. The AireHealth Nebulizer can be more effective than an inhaler or a non-medical grade atomizer.

With our lightweight, portable nebulizer you can be free. AireHealth will be with you every step of the way.

AireHealth’s Nebulizer is silent and simple for wheezy kids to use, even by themselves. When your kids increase medication adherence, it reduces their chance of having an asthma attack.

 This is the Nebulizer we’ve been waiting for!


Asthma App

Available October 2019

AireHealth’s smart nebulizer, contains technology that communicates with your Asthma App, automatically recording usage information to help improve communication with your care provider. Register and monitor you asthma triggers and symptoms. Share your asthma action plan with family and caregivers. Browse our library of asthma educational material to stay up to date on the latest asthma treatment trends.

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 Enjoy life one breath at a time with AireHealth