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Portable Asthma Nebulizer

“Kids are very susceptible to wheezing, even asthma in the early years, and we’re here to help them with their condition”

Stacie Ruth – Co-Founder / CEO


Breathing Should Be Easy

103 Million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic respiratory illness.

25 Million people in the U.S. are diagnosed as asthmatics.

6.2 Million children 18 years old or younger currently have asthma.

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Portable Nebulizer

AireHealth’s connected-portable nebulizer is designed to help you be proactive with your therapy, even on the go. Our goal is to help you catch and prevent worsening symptoms. Our nebulizer is quiet, portable, does not require an electrical outlet, and it is very effective.

Feel Empowered

Portable Care

Proactive Notifications

Effective Treatment

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Asthma App

AireHealth’s Asthma App helps you be proactive with your asthma care through out your treatment. Receive proactive notification of high pollen days. Track your symptoms, and triggers, share your asthma action plan and more.

 Feel Free On The Go

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