AireHealth - Synapse Challenge

AireHealth sees the therapy potential to positively impact 100+ million people in the US including 29 million “wheezy” kids utilizing a nebulizer for respiratory illness. Today’s drug delivery tools have antiquated technology, are bulky, loud, can scare kids and often frustrate adults.  And worse than that, you have a hard time measuring their effectiveness.

AireHealth wants the brightest innovators, focused on improving access to healthcare in Florida by making respiratory care more effective, easier and enjoyable.  Simply put, we want to develop the best user experience possible for a child receiving care for asthma and their caregivers. Help us deliver an innovative solution that allows a child to receive their treatments more consistently, even while on the go in a silent, effective and not so scary way.


AireHealth has a mission to help wheezy kids breathe well everywhere. We want your help to deliver innovations that bring these value propositions to life:

  • Caregivers: AireHealth gives caregivers confidence that their wheezy kids are consistent with their asthma care and can breathe even when they’re not around.

  • Prescribers: AireHealth helps doctors and nurses ensure that their patients always get the right dosage, stick to prescribed therapies, and proactively manage their care.

  • Suppliers: AireHealth helps durable medical equipment suppliers deliver the most innovative and effective pediatric respiratory solutions.

  • Payers: AireHealth help CMS and commercial payers improve outcomes and lower associated costs by minimizing unnecessary emergency interventions for asthmatic kids.

  • Healthcare Professionals: AireHealth lessens the burden on healthcare professionals by simplifying patient education and device training so patients can more effectively manage care on their own and increase medication adherence.

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