AireHealth and SMRxT Agreement to collect medication taking behavior.

In the US, non-adherence to prescription medication is one of our largest healthcare problems. The cost of non-adherence is estimated at $300 billion annually, including $100 billion from avoidable hospitalizations.  Pair with these statistics, a big and growing problem of over 100 million chronic respiratory disease patients that require inhaled prescription drug therapy including 29+ million “wheezy” kids.

"AireHealth and SMRxT believe that a more proactive, patient-centered approach to respiratory drug delivery will improve lives while lowering costs and that is why we are joining forces to tackle this challenge", says AireHealth CEO, Stacie Ruth.

Announced today, AireHealth and SMRxT have inked an agreement to allow Nomi to collect “medication taking behavior” in real-time from AireHealth's connected - portable nebulizers. Nomi’s engagement engine then sends automatic interventions and escalations tailored to the patient’s behavior and prescribed therapy. SMRxT and AireHealth will work collaboratively to define an engagement strategy for patients, family members and clinicians.

 "As we have grown our partner and customer base in recent years, we have often been asked about bringing a connected nebulizer into Nomi for respiratory patients. A collaboration with AireHealth is a great fit", Michael Huffer, SMRxT CEO.

For more information on these exciting companies, please visit Aire.Health and Nomi.

About SMRxT: SMRxT's medication adherence system, Nomi, facilitates the patient medication journey. Nomi allows for a fully integrated approach to medication adherence and engagement. Nomi can streamline the communication between the pharmacy, prescriber, and the patient. Nomi uses the data collected from patients to feed and trigger other systems to improve operational efficiencies. We strive to expand the patient care model by adding technology by providing the right care for each patient in even more tailored and efficient way. To learn more, please visit Nomi or SMRxT.

 About AireHealth: AireHealth’s portable nebulizer and connected care mobile application, helps 100+ million people in the U.S. living with respiratory illness (including 29+ million “wheezy” kids) become more proactive with their respiratory care in an effort to improve outcomes and lower the overall cost of respiratory care. AireHealth’s FDA cleared Class 2 portable nebulizer is designed to deliver medicine directly to a patient’s lungs where it is most effective. For more information, please visit Aire.Health.

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